Construction and renovation of my small house

I took over this house of my mother for many years ago. Must admit that I din't do very much for a long time.
But in the time I came through and began to fix it.

It began with an installation of a heat pump, so I was of rid of the old heater, and then have it 'just' continued...

Patio project

In summer 2004 I started to build a patio at 49m2 (11x7m, built at an angle around the house), it has come a little further than these images, but not much

This included:

  • Insulate of the foundation of the house (hard to do once the deck is built).
  • Replacing the panel & paint the house, from the brown panel, to the standing red panel.
  • Aa terrace floor of pressure impregnated wood.
  • Get a roof of plastic to cover the patio.
  • Get a glazing of terrace with windows & doors.
  • Get a vent on the terrace to prevent heat stroke on the sunny days.
  • Make a semi-circle format terrace in front patio.
  • Replacing the decay stocks against neighbor,
  • Build a wall instead.
  • Install a stove.
  • Move the laundryroom to the old boiler room.

    Future projects

    These are among others:
  • Building a sauna.
  • Make a porch on the front of the house to get more space in the hallway.
  • Setting up a new fence.
  • Make a sensible driveway (asphalt or gravel, have not made up my mind yet).

    Pictures of the miracle