This is my tincan at home.

and you are?

Not much to say thereon, a geek born -64.
Lives in a house (see building on the side) in a place known as Mullsjö.

Never married & Single!
Take a chance girls, would be a pity to miss the it due to somebody else made it before you,
On the other hand, there isn't anyone forming a queue....

Busy myself with Judo with some regularity. Interested in computers & internet, adminstrator of

Things that are in the pipe at the moment:

  • Put the last stuff on my new patio (almost done).
  • Put up the pictures from the travel to Taiwan in 2008.
  • Write a geeklog for
  • Rewrite my score/time program for judocompetitions notification-part for the web is done
  • Finish my MC, that is put on the windscreeb! on the other side, I'm getting used to the wind so I might not...
  • Invite some friends to barbeque
  • update this list
  • Clean
  • Sleep
  • ...

In the world I'm

here, här amd here

Has also been reached by the modern world & gott my self a mobile:0709-645109